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Mento venture, from Sofia Orellano, points to the use of a traditional material such as concrete, with a modern and lasting aesthetics, allowing to save money by not demanding maintenance.

How do lasting profitable product without generating revenue from maintenance services? It was the first question he had to answer Sofia Orellano (30) to an investor in Washington, after finishing to present their business model urban furniture with a useful life of 20 years, during a meeting organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB ).

Uruguay responded that everything is not money. “Our products will are social and positive environmental impact. We did a study where long-term prices are equally attractive than the competition, and even graphed how much you can save our client in 5, 10 or 20 years,” he said. Orellano is founder and director of Mento, a company dedicated to the design of street furniture minimalist style, ergonomics (adaptation of furniture to the person to achieve greater comfort) as the main postulate seeks to provide the aesthetics of the simple to the environments citizens.

The prices Mento offers, according to its catalog of products, ranging from $ 5,000 plus VAT for banks modular, to $ 12,000 the three bodies, while a module for three competition has a cost of $ 8,000, according data collected by the entrepreneur. According to the financial projections that manages the company, within 20 years, saving the absence in maintenance costs would rise to $ 6,705, in the case of a bank, which would amount to 36%. The projection is also made for the case of 100 banks, where saving in 20 years is $ 670,549 at current prices.

Experience and future

Thesis to the company

Orellano is technical in industrial design, and during the preparation of his thesis was discovering that a personal concern ” lifelong ” could become a solution to a recurring problem. The work consisted of an investigation of public places in Montevideo, where models, purposes and uses of street furniture used in the capital were determined. Although the project had its genesis in academia, as were incorporated entrepreneurship organizations took on added value. The need to satisfy a need Orellano design was widening the perspective to think about the idea as well as a way of decentralizing culture.

“When we posit for the Competitive Fund for Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the contest was more directed at events, so we had to adapt our proposal. This process led us to gain a broader and versatile product vision” said Orellano. urban areas Mento furnishings are installed in two places so far: the Saenz Square in the city of Durazno and the No. 61 high school, del Cerro. Orellano insists that Montevideo is much to do and improve. “The citizen while sitting on a bench is not aware of the improvement in your posture and comfort, but it is good to give the same,” he said.

In September, Sofia Orellano participated along with 14 other projects in Latin America in the contest devise solutions to improve lives, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank. Although she moves in an entrepreneurial ecosystem as Sinergia Cowork, being part of its incubator since July, the experience gave him a more urban regional vision.

Mento Unlike the other proposals aimed at technological, but is already working on their incorporation by measuring the frequency of use of a space. Because of this experience, Orellano now advises startups Peru and thinks that that country can be the first to land in the future.

$ 200,000. It was the fund granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture, which allowed Sofia Orellano start with entrepreneurship.
3. Are the color choices you have for your furnishings Mento: red, blue and yellow. It is included during the manufacturing process, so that the product has already incorporated the color.



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