Friendship Ecopark

Recovery of the former Villa Dolores zoo, on Avenida Rivera. It is a 100% accessible public space and has a skating rink, bocce ball court, climbing wall, sculpture park and planetarium. The Friendship Park increased its area almost four times.The new part has two differentiated areas: a rest area with lots of green, with MENTO chairs and tables, close to a restored water fountain. The other area is sports, which has a skating rink with an area of ​​40 by 20 meters; a space for climbing, an exercise area, a mini basketball court, an area for aerobatics with fabrics, a bocce court (Paralympic sport) and a skate park.

Livings Mento

In the Sculpture Park there are more than 10 Mento living rooms with different configurations, favoring the encounter.


Mixed combinations

We believe in Design

We work with efficient design and production models with avant-garde processes that provide quality of life in private and collective outdoor spaces.